Warm Welcome to 6abc:)

My new coworkers decided to welcome the newbies with a family style dinner at the amazing in South Philly. Can we say yum?!!!

The whole group... minus a few camera shy people.
FIRST... I must say a big thanks to Kenneth Moton and Alicia Vitarelli for planning the fab night out for us. It was really sweet of the two of them to organize the dinner to make Wendy Saltzman and me feel a part of the 6abc family.

So the meal... OHHH the meal was amazing! The dinner started out with delish appetizers: meats, cheeses and amazing smelling bread. Then out came the pastas... several different types of pasta AND they have GLUTEN FREE!!! yes! (I have a gluten allergy... so pasta is not normally on the menu for me. BIG thanks to the staff who were super nice and brought me my own special bowl of gluten free pasta... and didn't look at me like I was an alien because I said I was allergic to gluten!!!) It was amazing.

Totally family style dinner at Le Virtu
So I gorged myself with pasta... hence why I forgot to take a picture of it... and had no clue that wasn't the end of the meal. Out came the meats! Fish, pork, beef... anything and everything amazing you could imagine. I felt like it was Christmas.

Clearly we were hungry. We tore up this fish... even after all that pasta!!!
Chef Joe Cicala cooked up the most amazing meal! Yes... we ate this piggy=)
After all that food... yes... there was still dessert. Yes, I ate it. haha. Dessert is my favorite part of the meal. The things I couldn't eat... I just smelled=) haha.

It was the perfect dinner to welcome us... amazing food... amazing company... and waaaay too many laughs. A big thanks again to Alicia and Kenneth... and to Le Virtu and Chef Joe!!! Definitely spoiled me for eating regular dinners out=)

Dessert. I love options. I love sweets too.

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